‘How’ and ‘What’ is a Christian?

The dictionary defines 'Christian' as 'someone who professes belief in the teachings of Christianity; a person who has received Christian baptism.' It's a strange thing, we think we know what a Christian is, but actually we're usually just compounding 'what' a Christian is with 'how' a Christian should be. Let's look at the difference. What … Continue reading ‘How’ and ‘What’ is a Christian?

Another Response

This a response to a blog that criticizes common Christian expressions. Original BloggerMe I’ll Pray for You“Oh that’s nice. So, what are you praying for? I do need to know so I can give you reports on how well you are doing. ” If they own up to what they are praying for: “Hmmm, okay, … Continue reading Another Response

The Golden Rule and Love

The Golden Rule is the command we receive from Jesus that informs us on how to act towards other people. That's not to say that we need to be told how to treat other human beings, but that Jesus summarized our interactions with one another in this simple command: "Do to others what you want … Continue reading The Golden Rule and Love

A Response to ‘A Case for Christmas critique.’

https://clubschadenfreude.com/2020/12/23/not-so-polite-dinner-conversation-a-case-for-christmas-critique-part-4/ A Response to a Response: Yes, we're doing thathttps://clubschadenfreude.com has responded to a book by Lee Strobel, 'A Case For Christmas.' I haven't read it, it's not the sort of Christian book I enjoy because it's a very specific topic. As usual, the author's words will be in italic, mine in standard text. But … Continue reading A Response to ‘A Case for Christmas critique.’

Response to ‘Not So Polite Dinner Conversation’ on the topic of free will

This is a blog in response to 'Not So Polite Dinner Conversation' blog. In the blog the author claimed that the Bible doesn't support the concept of free will. As a Catholic, I'd obviously disagree.To support the claims, the author copies several passages that were put forward by 'biblestudytools.com' that supposedly suggest free will, and … Continue reading Response to ‘Not So Polite Dinner Conversation’ on the topic of free will

Catholic Doctrine: Mary: The Virgin

Who is Mary?Let's start with the basics, and not assume that people know what the Church believes. Mary was a Jewess from the Israelite tribe of Judah; this means that the Blessed Virgin was a descendent of King David, as was her Son, Jesus of Nazareth.According to Church tradition, Mary was dedicated to God at … Continue reading Catholic Doctrine: Mary: The Virgin

A Conversation with an Atheist

A: Religion: Society’s accepted mental illness.Me: In what sense?A: The belief that a god impregnates a virgin to give birth to himself, then sacrifices himself to himself to save you from himself. That’s obsessive compulsive neurosis.Me: It would be odd, if we phrased it like that. But we understand the person who is being sacrificed … Continue reading A Conversation with an Atheist

Challenging the Watchtower- Part 2

This blog will be a challenge to Jehovah's Witnesses by simply asking questions. 1) The Bible says that ONLY God is our savior (Hos 13:4, Isa 43:11,45:21, etc.). How can it be then, that the Bible repeatedly says that Jesus Christ is our savior, and yet you claim Jesus is not God (Lk 2:11, Phil … Continue reading Challenging the Watchtower- Part 2

Catholic Doctrine: The Trinity

What is 'God'?God is the supreme divine being. He is the creator of all things, and the ultimate Truth through which all reality is understood (John 14:6). Because God is good, and cannot lie (Titus 1:2), we can trust the minds He gave us to be able to perceive, and comprehend, all reality.God exists in … Continue reading Catholic Doctrine: The Trinity

Statement of Faith

In this article, I won't be writing it depth on the beliefs of certain doctrines. This article will be more of a statement of faith, proceeding articles will deal with the apologetics on these statements. One GodThe Church has always asserted that there is one God in all existence, that there is no other God … Continue reading Statement of Faith