God and Photography

No, God is not an ardent lover of all things Nikon, although I am. Anyone who knows me knows my passion for photography, and while this blog won’t become about that love, I am going to write about it in the Christian sense.
I genuinely believe that all good things come from God (James 1:17), and this doesn’t just mean the things around us, but the things within us. Yes, the air we breathe, the sunrise we enjoy- these things come from the Creator; but there’s so much more. I’m talking about the internal passions we have: the drives, goals, and loves that direct us to create.
The Lord gave me eyes to see and a passion to snap! Yes, I do photograph that which glorifies Him, like exposing people to the beauty of His House (the image above is of Westminster Cathedral, the Mother Church of all Catholics in England and Wales. Have a visit, it’s stunning!)
But I like to think my photography glorifies God all the time, even when it’s not so obvious. When I snap architecture, I’m reminded that these huge monuments were built with human hands, conceived by a finite mind. I begin to ponder on the wonders of Heaven, and of all the natural world that man cannot re-create ex-nihilo, as God did. How much more extraordinary must the mind of the Lord be?!
When I snap people in the street (the above gentleman was protesting for BLM in Trafalgar Square), I think how we are all created in God’s image, with immortal souls that wonder of divine things (even if that leads to denying the Divine!)
I think my Christian siblings should have a think on their passions, and see how they can use them to point to God. I don’t think God needs us to use them for such all the time, but it’s certainly a great idea and sign of gratitude if we do this once in a while!

6 thoughts on “God and Photography

  1. and another one of those claims that theists love to do, imagining that only their god is the one behind people’s talent etc.

    Sorry, dear, we have that on our own by hard work and practice. Your god doesn’t get credit for what I do.


    1. You do love your straw men, don’t you? Go back. Read the piece again. Where did I say talent comes from God? I said all good things come from God, including our passions. But we then develop those passions so that we become talented. Don’t comment if you’re going to keep building straw men; reply to what I’ve actually said


      1. See the difference. I never said talents come from God, I said passion does, and from passion talent develops. Hence you’re arguing a straw man.
        Here’s what I said:

        “I’m talking about the internal passions we have: the drives, goals, and loves that direct us to create.”

        What I did not say was that my ability to take a photo comes from God. That comes from study, hard work, and practice. My desire for photography comes from God, not the photos themselves; they’re mine. And to be honest, if you wasn’t so quick to jump on everything, you might take the time to read and comprehend what has clearly been said.


      2. Right. Now where does that say all ‘talent within us comes from God’? The verse clearly says all ‘good things’, not all talent. You read into comments, then assert your point when you realise that’s not what I’ve said. Let’s distinguish:
        Part 1) All good things come from God: God creates and stirs within us passions for all sorts of things. These can lead to part 2
        Part 2) We then take that passion and hone it into a talent, gaining experience, insight, and whatever else we may need to succeed.

        But because of your constant assertion, you’re unable to step back and realise ‘oh wait, he never actually said that.’


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